PCB quality tracking after sales

The PCB quality problem is an unavoidable problem for any manufacturing company. But when quality problems occur, what we can do is to find the problems and solve them as soon as possible.


1. Our after-sales treatment policy

Quick response to customer’s complaints, provide satisfactory service to the customer timely, and promote internal improvement according to customer’s requirement.


2. Our after-sales processing

RCY makes the following quality commitments:

1) All the circuit boards RCY ships meet the 94V-0 fire rating.

2) All the PCB minimum quality standards RCY ships meet IPC-classs2.

3) The OSP process storage time of all our shipped lines is> 3 months, and the tin spraying and immersion gold are> 6 months. After being assembled into a finished product, it can be guaranteed for more than 1 year under a normal use environment.

4) Quality problems, timeliness of after-sales service: 24-hour response, 3D report in 3 days, 8D report in 5 days.


RCY PCB is a professional PCB manufacturer with more than 20 years of professional experience leading process capability in the field of Rigid PCB, Flex PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, etc. If you have any PCB/PCBA demands, feel free to contact us. Email: Sales@szrcypcb.com

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