RCY ELECTRONIC : Development trend of PCB industry With Internet

The problems PCB manufacturing companies are Facing

As we all know,PCB manufacturing industry is a high pollution, high energy consumption, high investment,

and labor-intensive industry.During the transformation period, PCB manufacturing enterprises face many problems.

In addition, in terms of environmental protection,due to the continuous improvement of the government’s environmental protection requirements in recent years

the policies formulated have become more and more stringent. It  has made the environmental protection pressure of the PCB enterprise increases day by day.

However, in terms of cost, not only must we face the continuous rise of international raw material prices in a high inflation environment,

but also face the sharp rise in wages brought by the implementation of the new labor law. Besides, with the appreciation of RMB in China,

the rise of low-cost manufacturing in Southeast Asia and many other external factors,

many low-end manufacturers in the PCB industry have even reached the end of life and death.

What’s more,  various cost control methods adopted by many PCB manufacturing companies are nothing more than lowering wages and saving raw materials.

However,  these savings are very limited and cannot solve the problem fundamentally.

Some enterprises may also suffer from unbalanced development and loss of core competitiveness

due to lack of investment in research and development and marketing.


Solutions & Choices

Although many PCB companies still choose to believe in traditional PCB design, production, sales, operation, and management models,

there are still many doubts about the Internet, so they are in a wait-and-see state.

However, some pcb companies have already tried and tested the solutions  first,combining the PCB with the Internet

opened an innovative PCB cloud platform in product design,in the engineering operation, the entire process of Internet management is automated.

And also,in terms of sales and management, Internet thinking is leading

Of course, some of these companies have also gained their sweetness and achieved great results.



The PCB industry has been developed for many years, but the follow-up growth in recent years is weak

Only with transformation and change ,the PCB industry can survive in the fierce competition



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