RCY ELECTRONIC : Production process of halogen free PCB board

As we all know, PCB has halogen and halogen free two types, there are halogen PCB board production flow we introduced before.

However, today let’s talk about the halogen free PCB board and its manufacturing process flow

1. Lamination

Lamination parameters may vary from company to plate. For example, the ShengYi raw material of  as the multi-layer board mentioned before

In order to ensure the sufficient flow of the resin and good bonding force, we must require the lower heating rate of the sheet (1.0-1.5 ° C / min) and the multi-stage.

In addition, It also require the Multi-stage Pressure matching and in the high temperature phase

a longer time 180 ° C for more than 50 minutes during manufacturing of halogen free PCB board

The pressed plate was used to detect the bonding force between the copper foil and the substrate being 1.ON/mm


2 Drilling processability

Drilling conditions are an important parameter that directly affects the quality of the hole wall

of the PCB during processing. What’s more,  the halogen-free copper-clad laminate uses P, N series functional groups

to increase the molecular weight and enhance the rigidity of the molecular bonds

thereby enhancing the rigidity of the material

At the same time, the Tg point of the halogen-free material is generally higher than that of the ordinary copper-clad board,

so the ordinary The drilling parameters of the FR-4 are drilled, and the effect is generally not ideal.

When drilling a halogen-free board, it is necessary to make some adjustments under normal drilling conditions.


3 Alkali Resistance

Generally, the anti-alkaline of the halogen-free PCB material  is worse than the ordinary FR-4 pcb material

Therefore, in the etching process and in the reflow process after soldering

special attention should be paid to the fact that the soaking time in the alkaline film-removing liquid cannot be too long,

in case of white spots on the substrate


4 Halogen-Free Soldering production

At present, there are many kinds of halogen-free solder resist inks appeared in the market

and its performance is not much different from that of ordinary liquid photosensitive inks



Halogen-free PCB boards have the requirements of low-water absorption and environmental protection,

and can meet the quality requirements of PCB boards in other performances

Therefore, the demand for halogen-free PCB boards is getting larger and larger.


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