RCY ELECTRONIC : What are the specific types of PCB Materials ?

printed circuit boards must be fire & flame resistant and can not burn at a certain temperature

the temperature point at this time called the glass transition temperature (TG value)

which is related to the dimensional stability of the PCB. So, what is a high Tg PCB board? And the advantages of using high Tg PCB ? Okay, let’s talk about this today.

High Tg printed circuit boards are PCB when the temperature rises to a certain area, the substrate will change from “glass state” to “rubber state”

However,the temperature at this time is referred to as the glass transition temperature (Tg) of the plate

That is, Tg is the highest temperature at which the substrate remains rigid.

What specific types of PCB material  are there?

According to the grade level and standards, we can divide PCB Materials as follows:

94HB – 94VO – 22F – CEM-1 – CEM-3 – FR-4

The details are as follows:

94HB: ordinary cardboard, not fireproof (the most cheap material,  die punching hole, can not be used as power board)

94V0: flame retardant cardboard (die punching hole)

22F: single-sided semi-glass fiberboard (die punching hole)

CEM-1: Single-sided fiberglass board (must be drilled by computer, not die-punched)

CEM-3: double-sided semi-fiberglass board (besides double-sided cardboard, the material of the lowest end of the double panel, simple

Double panels can use this material, which is 5~10 yuan/square meter cheaper than FR-4)

FR-4: double sided fiberglass board


Generally, Tg plates are above 130 degrees, high Tg is generally greater than 170 degrees, and medium Tg is greater than about 150 degrees.

In addition, the  PCB printed board with a typical Tg ≥ 170 ° C is called a high Tg printed board.

The Tg of the substrate is improved, and the heat resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, and stability resistance of the printed board are improved and improved.

What’s more,the higher the TG value, the better the temperature resistance of the sheet, especially in the lead-free process, where high Tg is applied.

High Tg refers to high heat resistance. With the rapid development of the electronics industry, especially the electronic products represented by computers,

the development of high functionality and high multi-layer requires the higher heat resistance of PCB substrate materials as an important guarantee.



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