PCB Shipment Inspection

RCY has implemented ISO9001, IATF16949, UL, and other internationally certified quality management standards to ensure the stability of product quality. And we promise that every circuit board produced by RCY PCB is in line with the standards above IPC-A-600H-2010.



Check the appearance of the circuit board through AOI equipment or visual methods to ensure that the appearance of the product is qualified.



1) Carry out sampling inspection on the boards checked by FQA to avoid FQA leakage.

2) Inspect the appearance, size, and thickness of the product. In addition, the actual product will be compared with the Gerber file provided by the customer to ensure that the circuit board produced by the factory is consistent with the customer’s Gerber data.

3) Provide the shipment report to the customer, and we will conduct environmentally friendly tests on the products, including ROHS and Reach inspections.

We will test the functionality of the product, including line width/line distance test, tensile test, slice measurement (measure surface copper thickness, hole copper thickness, ink thickness), impedance test, X-RAY test (measure coating thickness), the tin resistance test, the circuit board anti-destructive test.

Only after all the above procedures are done, we will ship the product to the customer.


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