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What is FR4 PCB material?

FR4 is the commonly used material in PCB manufacturing. It’s a versatile material and has a balance between cost and performance. That is the reason why FR4 material is widely applied in single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layered boards. In this article, you will find out more about: What does FR-4 Stand for? Beneficial Properties of FR-4 […]

Introduction of Nickel Electroplating Process for Printed Circuit Board

1. Function And Characteristics Nickel plating is used as the substrate coating for precious metals and base metals on PCB (the abbreviation of Printed Circuit Board). It is also commonly used as a surface layer for some single-sided printed boards. For some surfaces that are heavily worn, such as switch contacts, contacts, or plug gold, using […]

How To Make PCB At Home

PREPARATION BEFORE MAKING PCB PCB Design PCB design is usually done by converting your circuit’s schematic diagram into a PCB layout using PCB layout software. There are many cool open-source software packages for PCB layout creation and design. Some are listed here to give you a head-start: Autodesk Eagle PCBWizard Designing a Circuit Schematic in Autodesk Eagle p.s.In […]

PCB Lead-free regulations

Until recently, lead was almost ubiquitous in the construction of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Due to its melting point and ability to form strong bonds between surfaces, a eutectic lead-tin alloy proved highly effective as a solder material. However, as electronic waste volumes increased, the use of lead in circuit boards came under scrutiny in […]

Printed Circuit Board Shape Processing Technology

1. The processing method of the printed board shape: (1) Milling the shape. To use the CNC milling machine to process the shape, it is necessary to provide the milling shape data and the corresponding pipe hole files. These data are all provided by the programmer. Since the spacing between the printed boards cannot be very […]

Description And Reasons of Poor Plating During Electroplating

Description And Reasons of Poor Plating During PCB Electroplating: 1. Pinhole. The pinholes are due to the hydrogen adsorbed on the surface of the plated parts, and they are not released for a long time. Make the plating solution unable to wet the surface of the plated parts, so that the plating layer cannot be […]

Process Technology for Improving the Quality of Multilayer Board Laminating

Due to the rapid development of electronic technology, the continuous development of printed circuit technology has been promoted. PCB boards have developed through single-sided-double-sided and multi-layered boards, and the proportion of multi-layer boards has been increasing year by year. The performance of the multi-layer board is developing to the extremes of high precision dense fine […]

Professional PCB Multilayer Board Pressing Process Description

Professional PCB Multilayer Board Pressing Process Description 1. Autoclave It is a container filled with high-temperature saturated water vapor and high pressure can be applied. The laminated substrate sample can be placed in it for a period of time to force moisture into the board, and then take out the sample again. Place it on […]

Solder Mask Process in the PCB Board Production Process: Repairing Board

The following is the third operation procedure of solder mask process in the PCB board production process: repairing the board. Repairing the board includes two aspects, to repair the defects of the image, and to remove the defects that are not related to the required image. In the process of repairing, you should pay attention […]

Solder Mask Process in the PCB Board Production Process: Developing

The second solder mask process in the PCB board production process is developing. The developing operation is generally carried out in the developing machine, and the developing parameters such as the temperature of the developing solution, the conveying speed, and the spray pressure are well controlled to obtain a better developing effect. The development is […]