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PCB development trends – knowledge base

Since printed circuit boards(PCBs) are versatile, even small changes in consumer trends and emerging technologies will have an impact on the PCB market, including its use and manufacturing methods. Although there may be much time, the following four main technology trends are expected to maintain the leading position of the PCB market for a long […]

PCB applications – knowledge base

What are the applications of printed circuit boards? PCB is a board that connects electronic components. They are part of the electronic products we use in our daily lives. They are made of non-conductive materials and have wires, pads and other functional components etched from copper sheets, which can be electrically connected to the electronic […]

PCB Design Principles – knowledge base

To get the best performance of the electronic circuit, the layout of the components and the layout of the wires are very important. In order to design PCB with good quality and low cost. The following general principles should be followed: PCB size Location of special components COmponents layout First, the PCB size needs to […]

PCB base material – knowledge base

The base material of circuit boards can be divided into two categories: rigid PCB base materials and flexible PCB base materials. Rigid material: Generally, an important variety of rigid base materials is copper-clad laminates. It is made of reinforced material (Reinforcing Material), impregnated with resin adhesive, dried, cut, and laminated into a blank, then covered […]

PCB Classification – knowledge base

There are many ways to classify circuit boards. One of the most common classification methods is to classify according to the number of layers. Circuit boards can be divided into three categories. According to the number of layers 1. Single-sided circuit board   Single-sided PCB is the simplest and most basic PCB board, as the […]

PCB characteristics – knowledge base

The reason why PCB can be used more and more widely is that it has many unique advantages, which are roughly as follows: Can be high-density Over the years, the high density of printed boards has been able to develop correspondingly with the improvement of integrated circuit integration and the advancement of mounting technology. High […]

PCB history – knowledge base

About Printed Circuit Board (PCB) PCB, also known as a printed circuit board. It is the support of electronic components and the carrier of electrical connections of electronic components. The traditional circuit board uses the method of printing etching resist to make the circuit lines and drawings, so it is called a printed circuit board […]