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What is Lamination Process in PCB Fabrication?

PCBs are called “laminated sandwiches” simply because they comprise multiple layers bonded together with high temperatures and pressure. It is an accurate definition of “lamination” and also a vital step of PCB fabrication. If you want to advance in your knowledge of printed circuit board fabrication – manage this post to the end. Let’s deepen […]

Discussion on Electroless Nickel Gold Technology

Electroless nickel-gold plating integrates the functions of soldering, contact conduction, wire bonding, and heat dissipation. There is currently no other process that can compete with it. However, this process has been difficult to do for a long time, and the problem often occurs and it is not easy to rework. The solution of the problem […]

Ingenious skills of PCB board layout and processing of process defects

As PCB board size requirements are getting smaller and smaller, the device density requirements are getting higher and higher, and the PCB board design is becoming more and more difficult. How to achieve a high routing rate of the PCB board and shorten the design time, let’s talk about the design skills of PCB board planning, layout […]

Basic Process And Skills of PCB Processing

1. Preliminary Work of Circuit Board Design in PCB processing 1.1 Use the schematic design tool to draw the schematic diagram and generate the corresponding network table. While in some special cases, such as the circuit board is relatively simple, and the network tabl   e is already available, it is not necessary to design the […]

Failure Caused by the PCB Printing Material

The quality of the PCB screen printing image and the film-forming state of the screen printing material are affected by the performance of the printing material. During the PCB screen printing process, the faults caused by the printing material include (1) plugging holes, (2) the reverse side of the printed board being contaminated by printing material, (3) […]

Solder Mask Process in the PCB Board Production Process: Repairing Board

The following is the third operation procedure of solder mask process in the PCB board production process: repairing the board. Repairing the board includes two aspects, to repair the defects of the image, and to remove the defects that are not related to the required image. In the process of repairing, you should pay attention […]

Solder Mask Process in the PCB Board Production Process: Developing

The second solder mask process in the PCB board production process is developing. The developing operation is generally carried out in the developing machine, and the developing parameters such as the temperature of the developing solution, the conveying speed, and the spray pressure are well controlled to obtain a better developing effect. The development is […]

Solder Mask Process in the PCB Board Production Process: Exposure

In the printed circuit board, the solder mask process is a printed board with solder mask after screen printing. Cover the pads on the printed board with a photo master so that it will not be exposed to ultraviolet light during exposure, and the solder resist protection layer is more firmly attached to the printed […]