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Precautions for Vias in High-Speed PCB Design

Through the analysis of the parasitic characteristics of vias, we can see that in high-speed PCB design, seemingly simple vias often bring great negative effects to circuit design. In order to reduce the adverse effects caused by the parasitic effects of the vias, the following can be done in the design. 1. The pins of […]

How to Balance The Layers in The PCB Layout

Multi-sided designs printed circuit boards (PCB) can be complicated. The fact that the design even needs to use more than two layers means that the number of circuits required by the circuit board prototyping manufacturer will not be suitable for the top and bottom surfaces. Even when the circuit is suitable for two outer layers […]

Four Skills of PCB Assembly

The printed circuit board assembly can be a very complex or detailed process. Each stage of the circuit board assembly needs to be carried out in the correct order to ensure the maximum efficiency and continuous function of the printed circuit board. This will not change when circuit board components are outsourced to circuit board […]

How PCB Boards And Circuit Boards Are Imitated

PCB copy board is usually called PCB imitation or PCB cloning. Simply put, it is to copy and clone the same or similar pcb board through electronic products. The whole process of copying pcb board requires certain technology and process operation method. Let me introduce you in detail. PCB copy board is a reverse engineering […]

Rigid PCB Production Process

PCB (Printed Circuit Board), whose aliases are: Rigid PCB, FR4 PCB, PWB. It is an important electronic part and the carrier of electronic components. Because it is made by electronic printing, it is called a ‘printed’ circuit board. The following is the manufacturing process of a conventional PCB: About Us: Shenzhen Renchuangyi (RCY) Electronics Co., […]