The application of AOI in PCB inspection

Printed circuit board (PCB) is a substrate for assembling electronic components. So the manufacturing quality of PCBs directly affects the reliability of electronic products

As the in-depth development of electronic assembly moves forward  to PCB hybrid technology with higher density, smaller size

In order to reduce the number of defective boards entering the next step,the demand for automated optical inspection (AOI) systems for PCB inspection is also growing

The AOI system is an applicable, automated inspection system based on machine vision technology,

And also, it has been widely used in PCB inspection, 

it has high-speed, high-tech and high-precision features, let’s talk about the technical advantages of AOI inspecting system as following:

1) The PCB inspection system checks and corrects PCB defects, and the cost during process monitoring is much lower than the cost after final testing and inspection.

2) AOI inspecting system can quickly detect repetitive errors at early stage such as placement displacement or incorrect tray mounting

3) AOI inspecting system can significantly improve the yield of  finished PCB assembly products

4) Automated optical inspection (AOI) systems for PCB inspection can adapt to the detection density requirements of PCB assembly 

With the dramatic increase in the assembly density of electronic products, some traditional testing technologies, such as ICT, have been unable to meet the development requirements of SMT technology, and PCB detection technology is not affected by these factors

5) Automated optical inspection (AOI) systems for PCB inspection can guarantee product quality, reduce labor costs, and increase labor productivity

6) High reliability of inspections Manual inspections always have their limitations, while Automated optical inspection (AOI) systems for PCB inspection  technology avoid disadvantages in this area and maintain good accuracy and reliability.


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