The application of directional coupler

Directional coupler, a passive device used in radio technology.The application of directional coupler as below:

1) For power synthesis systems.

In the multi-carrier frequency synthesis system,a directional coupler with 3dB is usually used.(generally called 3dB bridge)

2) For receiver’s anti-interference measurement or stray measurement.

In the FR test and measurement system,if the tested device is a receiver,usually through the coupled end of the directional coupler, an adjacent interference signal can be injected into the receiver, and then the receiver anti-interference performance can be tested through a comprehensive tester connected to the direct end of the directional coupler.

3) For signal sampling and monitoring.

The on-line measurement and monitoring of the transmitter may be one of the most extensive applications of directional couplers.

4) For on-line measurement of power.

Directional coupler is a very important device in the power measurement technology.

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