The Commercialization of 5G Application in PCB industry

With the construction and commercialization of 5G, we can expect that communication electronics and automotive electronics

will become the new kinetic energy to drive the development of the PCB industry from 2019 to 2021.

In fact, while 5G brings opportunities to the PCB industry, it also puts higher and more stringent requirements

on PCB technology, whose stands in terms of speed, integration, heat dissipation, frequency, and multi-layering are much higher than 4G.

Due to the high frequency microwave characteristics of 5G,the base station density is higher than that of the 4G base station.

However, the processing frequency, data transmission and processing speed of various devices are much higher than the 4G era

What’s more,these core  devices, transmission devices, and antenna/RF devices place very high requirements on high-frequency, high-speed PCB boards

Mainly reflected in four aspects

1) The base station RF unit and antenna have undergone major changes in structure and function, mainly because the number of radio unit channels increases (8 channels rise to 64 channels)

and the corresponding PCB area increases. Besides, 4G base station equipment RRU plus antenna unit The structure is changed to a 5G AAU structure

which corresponds to higher PCB integration


2) In order to achieve ultra-dense network coverage,in addition to spectrum applications below 6 GHz in the 5G spectrum, 28G, 39G and

other millimeter-wave spectrum resources for hotspot coverage and high-capacity high-speed transmission will b e widely used.

Therefore,there will have a high demand on the high frequency PCBs used in high-frequency microwave base stations .


3) Under the network architecture of 5G independent networking group,in order to meet the technical requirements of high-speed transmission

the PCB required for data transmission equipment such as baseband unit, network board, backplane, server, etc

will use higher-level high-speed copper clad laminate material.


4) Thermal management of PCB products may be particularly important in the future.

Not only the reasons for adapting to high-frequency devices, but also the heat dissipation requirements of high power and high power density.

In addition, the application of new high thermal conductivity materials, special heat dissipation structure PCB requirements will appear



The rise of automotive electronics, consumer electronics, and 5G communications will drive the PCB market to continue to grow

and ,at the same time,will also place higher requirements on printed circuit board production


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