The factors affecting in PCB cost

We care more about layout and wiring during we design a PCB project, and often ignore the extra PCB manufacturing cost in the design. This article discusses which factors in the design affect PCB prices and avoid increasing costs to customers.

1.Number of layers.

More layers easier to layout, but the price increases with the number of layers, and the higher the layers, the higher the price.

2.Via hole.

As far as possible use 0.25mm above, if the via hole diameter is less than 0.25mm, most manufacturers will collect extra cost.

3.Via in a pad.

Usually, the manufacturer wants to increase the cost. Try not to use it unless the signal and layout are limited.

4.Back drilling.

Backboard and other high-speed signal use, others do not use.

Of course, there are many other factors that affect the cost of PCB, such as the material type (TG,halogen-free and so on), copper thickness and surface treatment, etc.