Three difficult points in disposing high-concentration organic wastewater of PCB manufacturing

With the rapid development of China’s economy, industrial pollution is increasingly polluting the environment, government oversight is getting tougher for the standard discharge of wastewater. It is imperative to recycle sewage.

High-concentration organic wastewater was produced during PCB manufacturing, but there is no authoritative survey of pollutants in China so far. This article will state three difficult points in disposing of high-concentration organic wastewater of PCB manufacturing.

1.The source of wastewater is wide.

A high concentration of organic wastewater will be produced in the process of developing and reproducing film, peeling of solder mask, and acid degreasing.

2.The water quality of wastewater is complex and difficult to deal with.

COD(ppm) >15,000,pH=9-12,Cu(ppm) <1, it is difficult to meet the standard of wastewater.

3.The high-concentration organic wastewater treatment process is more, the cost is higher.

The high-concentration organic wastewater treatment technology in our country is not too developed at the present stage, this virtually will increase the cost of the enterprise’s operation, and industrial enterprise is the main source of pollution, also is the main executor of pollution treatment, the enterprise is for-profit, it has brought great pressure to the enterprise cost reduction.

But RCYPCB is a Green PCB Enterprise, complies with environmental regulations, energy-saving and waste reduction, clean and safe production, continuous improvement to make our factory green.

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