Walton starts commercial production of PCBs

Being the first domestic manufacturer, Walton Digi-Tech Industries Limited is producing Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBAs) in its own factory.

The Bangladeshi tech-giant is now commercially manufacturing various types of sophisticated PCBs with European standards machineries and advanced technologies, reads a press release.

PCB is one of the major components of electrical, electronics and technology products as it is connected to various chips and electrical circuits (ICs). It creates paths and ensures the flow of electricity in different parts.
Engineer Md Liakat Ali, deputy managing director (DMD) of Walton Digi-Tech Industries Ltd, in this connection said that Walton is working for the initiative of building Digital Bangladesh. PCBs and PCBAs are its new additions in this connection. The Walton PCBs are being manufactured using state-of-the-art European machineries through experienced engineers and technicians.

According to him, there is huge demand for PCBs in Bangladesh as domestic entrepreneurs depend on import which is quite expensive wasting hard earned foreign currencies. Sometimes, they face delay in sourcing PCBs from abroad. Walton’s PCB will save the foreign currency with increasing employment that will contribute to the country’s national economy and development.

Walton has been producing PCBs to meet its own demands. But now the domestic manufacturer has started producing PCBs for commercial purposes.

Domestic electronics, electrical and technology entrepreneurs will be able to source PCBs produced by Walton.

Walton’s PCBs will be exported after meeting the local demand. Walton is also giving the facility to order customised PCBs as per demands.

Walton’s PCBs can be used in all types of electrical and technology devices including computer, television, remote control, LED light, mobile charger, UPS, fan, switch socket, etc.

Local entrepreneurs have warmly welcomed Walton’s initiative of producing PCBs and PCBAs for commercial propose.

They expect that Walton will provide theses PCBs at affordable prices and the initiative will open new horizons in this sector.

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