What is wave soldering?

Wave soldering is to make the solder side of the PCB directly contact with high temperature liquid tin for welding purposes,its high temperature liquid tin maintains an inclined surface, and a special device makes liquid tin form a wavy phenomenon, so it is called “wave soldering”,its main material is soldering tin bar. Wave soldering is currently the most commonly used and effective method, wave soldering system has a large enough tin can handle the maximum circuit board width you expect.Wave soldering is suitable for medium batch or large quantity welding. Advantage: The rate of return is high, the whole welding process is controllable, repeatable, the operator can be on the job after simple training. Defect: The cost of wave-soldering system is higher than other welding methods, but the welding cost of each circuit board is the lowest, and the wave-soldering system occupies a large space in the workshop.

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