Which PCB layout software is better to use?

It’s hard to choose the PCB layout software for anyone who never used such a software, there are to many softwares for choosing.

The international current popular of PCB layout softwares include Eagle,EasyEDA,Allegro,ORCAD,Kicad,PROTEL (Altium Designer),PADS (PowerPCB),gEDA…

Depending on the usage of our customers,PROTEL (Altium Designer) is good for one or double layer PCB, it becomes a little hard to design more than 4 layers PCB;KiCad can handle up to 32 layers;Allegro is more for industrial design;EasyEDA is a free EDA tool suite free.

Anyway, you should cosider the system type to choose the PCB layout software,such as Windows,Linux,MAC OS and so on.