Why choose us?

RCY, founded in 2000, is a one-stop PCB manufacturer with more than 20 years of PCB production experience and leading process capabilities in PCB, rigid-flex PCB, and some special PCBs.

1. Control the quality from the source by only using high-quality raw material.

We only choose a top domestic and international brand such as SOLA,生益,联茂,台虹,KBand so on. Class B and other used raw materials are refused.

2. International quality management system makes our soft power stronger.

We have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, UL, and national high-tech enterprise identifications. By relying on a rigorous attitude, scientific management, and strict IPC management standard, we can ensure that each piece of PCB delivered to the customer is high quality.


3. Leading Process Capability

Max Layer Count    26                 Max Final Board Thickness 7.0mm

Max PTH Aspect Ratio  10:1              Max Finished Copper Thickness 20 oz

Max Panel Size 622x610mm             Min Line Width/Space 0.075/0.075mm

Minimum mechanical hole/pad 0.15/0.40mm       Drilling accuracy +/-0.05mm

PTH bore diameter tolerance +/-0.05mm             Min Solder Mask Dam:0.1mm

Surface Treatment:OSP,HASL,ENIG,Hard Gold,Immersion Tin&tin,Sterling,NiPdAu


4. Rich experience makes your product better.

RCY has founded more than 20 years, our products are widely used for automotive electronics, industrial control, consumer electronics, power supply, security, communication equipment, intelligent wear, medical equipment, aerospace, and other fields.


5. High recognition from our customers.

Our market is mainly in Europe, North America, Japan, Taiwan, and China mainland. Cooperative customers include:Valeo, BTL, Ericsson, Faurecia, 泛海三江,华阳集团,江苏怡利,昊翔无人机,美固,SONY,harman/kardon,IMI, etc. We have been awarded Best Supplier and Zero Defect Supplier by our customers several times.


6. Competitive price

Highly automated equipment reduces our manufacturing cost and improves efficiency. We always believe that only by providing competitive prices to make our customers more competitive, so we can grow with our customers. We believe that the cooperation will be a win-win.

Service field

Automotive, Industrial Control, Consumer Electronics, Power Class, Security Monitoring, Communication, Smart Wearable Devices, Medical Electronics, Aerospace.