Why does PCB need to do impedance control ?

Today, let’s talk about why the PCB board needs to do impedance control and what is the meaning of impedance control for the PCB board 

1.Why does PCB need to do impedance control ?

The pcb board impedance refers to the resistance and the parameters of the reactance, which hinder the AC. Impedance control processing is essential in the production of PCB  industry. Reasons are as follows:

1)As we all know,the PCB need to do mounting of electronic components,

So,we should consider the conductive performance and signal transmission performance after mounting,So it will require the lower the impedance, the better.

2)In the production process, PCB boards are subjected to manufacturing steps such as  , electroplating tin ,and soldering.

In the meanwhile,the materials used in these process steps must be  low resistivity enough to ensure that the

overall impedance control of the PCB board is low and meets product quality requirements.

3)There are various signal transmissions in the conductor layer of the PCB board,when you want to increase signal transmission speed rate, you must increase its frequency.

And also, impedance control value will be changed if the PCB etching, layer Stack-up and Min. trace width/gap are different,as a result, it will cause the fact that

the signal will be distorted, and the performance of the printed circuit board will be degraded. Therefore, it is necessary to control the impedance value of the PCB within a certain range.

2.the meaning of impedance control for the PCB board 

For the PCB manufacturing industry, 

To sum up, it is very important to control the impedance value of the PCB within a certain range,

because if the impedance is too high, it will result in poor conductivity of the PCB,

unstable performance of the whole PCB board and even short circuit 




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