Widely used softwares for PCB design

1.Altium Designer.

A new generation IC board-level design software, suitable for Windows XP system. It is the first software that integrated the design flow, PCB integration design, FPGA design of programmable devices, and embedded software based on processor design. it has all the functions needed to transform the design from concept to final product.


concept, allegro, and OrCAD all belong to Cadence. Cadence has introduced Orcad’s strong schematic design capture CIS along with its original schematic design concept HDL,allegro and other signal simulation tools, collectively referred to as Cadence PSD, and is now called SPB.


Mentor’s products include EN, WG, and PowerPCB. Mentor EN is its high-end professional schematic and PCB design software that supports both Unix and Windows systems. Mentor WG is its high-end PCB design tool based on the Windows interface. Its auto-routing function is very powerful and the layout rules are very professional.


Zuken’s high-end product is Cr5000 and its low-end product is CADSTAR. The CR5000 schematic tool is SD (System Design), and the PCB tool is BD (Board Design).


EAGLE software is a best-selling European and American schematic and PCB layout design tool developed by CadSoft, a wholly-owned German company. EAGLE software provides three main functions: Schematic Editor, Placer, and Autorouter, allowing electronic design engineers to “combine” data as they wish, without the need to switch between schematics and wiring diagrams.